Senior Classes

The Senior Students are from 16 years and upwards with no age limit. Training is usually 90 minutes and the first lesson is free. At the class you will be given Warm Up exercises and stretching techniques, Breakfalls, flow drills, throws, locks, strangles, chokes, weapon disarms, holddowns, katas, grading work and much more. It gives you the chance to help build fitness, make new friends and gives you the chance to travel to seminars locally, national and worldwide.

Most of all it will help make you a confident martial artist.

When you have joined the club you will be given an info pack with rules,regulations and Licence/Grading book. Club uniforms, belts, and training equipment can be purchased within the club. Their are no competitions or sporting applications at present. Senior gradings are held three times a year. Being affiliated to the fighting arts organisation of Great Britain allows students access to some of the best martial arts in the world. When it comes to training you get what you put in. Remember the master may open the door but the student needs to enter.



Junior Classes

At present the junior classes are for students aged from 7 years to 15 years. There are 8 Kyu Grades from White belt to Brown belt. The first lesson is free and classes are for one hour. Membership/Insurance and uniform can all be purchased at the club. When joining the club the student will be given a Welcome pack which will include rules, regulations and etiquette as well as the white belt syllabus. At the class the junior student can expect a warm up, which includes stretches and exercises, drills, katas, techniques, grading work, life skills and games. The techniques taught to the new student are basic and designed to encourage and build up their confidence to progress to the next grade. The techniques at the class are taught for self defence purposes and have no sporting applications at present. We do promote and award students for good techniques, gradings and attendance. From time to time high ranking guest instructors come and teach at the class, enabling the child to train with some of the best Martial Artists in the World.


Students are encouraged to try their best and not bring the club into disrespect. Both within and out of the dojo.
All the instructors in the NKJJS are Disclosure Checked.


Golspie High School Gymnasium
Juniors 7pm - 8pm
Seniors 8pm - 9:30pm

Invergordon Leisure Centre Sundays
Little Samurai Class Infants (P1 - P3) 11.15am-12pm

Juniors 12pm - 1pm
Seniors 12pm - 2pm

Dornoch Primary School
Little Samurai's
Infants (p1-p3) 3:45pm - 4:30pm

Dornoch Primary School
Juniors 7pm - 8pm
Seniors 7pm - 8:30pm

Brora Primary School
Juniors 7pm - 8pm
Seniors 8pm - 9:30pm