I took up martial arts training in 1989 at the age of 31 years young. After watching my son take part in his martial arts class I decided to have a go. The following week I purchased a suit and have been training ever since.

Breakdown of my Martial Arts background

•Started Training 8th Kyu White 1989
•Blue Belt 3rd Kyu -1991- World Jujitsu Syllabus
•Black Belt 1st Dan -1995 - Scottish Kempo Jujitsu Academy Syllabus
•2nd Dan -1997- Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain Syllabus
•3rd Dan -2004- Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain Syllabus.
•4th Dan -2009- Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain Syllabus.
•5th Dan -2014- Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain Syllabus.

Although a late starter in Martial Arts I have seen and taken part in plenty of Martial Arts activities. Seminars in USA, Europe, Great Britain and locally (Scottish Highlands), have all added to my knowledge. Being affiliated to the Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain has given my students and I the opportunity to train with some of the Worlds leading instructors in their martial arts style.

A major step in martial arts for me came in 1995 when I opened my own school the NKJJS (Nicholson Kempo Jujitsu School) and was affiliated to the KJJBA GB and the SKJJA. When I left the SKJJA in 1996 I thought my 2nd Dan training would come to a halt but thanks to my senior students, ukis and training times were not a problem. Regular visits to KJJBA in London further tuned me for my grade under the ever watchful eye of Hanshi Peter Browne. Two of the most important factors at the time were the visits of Shihan Doug Griffith (London) and Skibo Castle.

Skibo allowed me the full use of their gymnasium which was turned into a Dojo for my training. Shihan Doug Griffith (Kempo Jujitsu) took time out on numerous occasions to travel north and put me through the training for my 2nd Dan syllabus. He even supplied ukis, one poor student came up to Scotland in November time with Shihan Griffith, had a horrendous flight (2 attempts at landing in Inverness) arriving in the dark, went straight into my training on the Friday night, trained the Saturday (most of the day) trained again on Sunday morning, then off to Inverness in the afternoon to catch their flight home. So much for seeing Scotland. All work and not one bit of sightseeing. Many thanks Stuart. He has since been back and seen plenty of Scotland. On December 13th 1997 I went to London and passed my 2nd Dan grade (first class).

sensei group shot

I sat my 3rd Dan in 2004, my 4th Dan in 2009 and my 5th Dan in 2014 - all sat at the FAOGB Headquarters in London. In September 2011 I was presented the title of Renshi at the FAOGB seminar. As before Hanshi Browne, Shihan Griffith and my senior students pushed me on with many good technical and hard training sessions. Other instructors that contributed with my training at the time were Sensei Geoff Harris of the Atemi Goshin Jujitsu (London) and the local Karate and Judo instructors. Thanks to all of the above for help in all of my gradings.

I am presently now training towards my 6th Dan with many new techniques to be learned along with new katas and etiquette.

All I can say, through Martial Arts is I have made many friends from 8th Kyu to 10th Dan (Grandmaster)

I enjoy learning, you can too.

Sensei Heneghan training with Sensei Geoff Harris LondonSensei Warren Heneghan first started training in 1995 when the Brora class first opened its doors.

Achieved 1st Dan Feb 2003, 2nd Dan Nov 2005 and 3rd Dan Nov 2012.

All these gradings were first class passes and Shihan Doug Griffith sat on Grading panel at each of the grades.

Sensei Heneghan opened up a class for the NKJJS in Golspie in 2003, where he still presently teaches. Sensei has trained with many world class martial artists, taught at Seminars and is always keen to learn more and add to his knowledge. Currently training for 4th Dan.